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As reported by Newsday, it appears that researchers have published findings about their research on a new test to detect mesothelioma biomarkers in human serum. The condition – mesothelioma –  is a rare form of lung cancer, mostly caused by asbestos exposure. The study – published in the Clinical Proteomics […]

New Test To Detect Mesothelioma

Son files lawsuit for second hand asbestos exposure against a number of defendants after the death of his father who allegedly contracted malignant mesothelioma from repeated environmental and occupational asbestos exposure. As reported by The Louisiana Record, Lance Vincent Ford filed suit against the the following:  Asbestos Corporation Limited Taylor-Seidenbach […]

Son Files Lawsuit For Second Hand Asbestos Exposure

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that sham hedge fund whistleblower (three people) have been awarded more than $25,000 to date. This is the first of anticipated payments to the whistleblowers in which they will receive approximately $125,000 in total. The case had related criminal proceedings in which money […]

Sham Hedge Fund Whistleblower

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced an award of more than $14 million award to a whistleblower whose information led to an SEC enforcement action that recovered substantial investor funds. Payments to whistleblowers are made from a separate fund previously established by the Dodd-Frank Act and do not come from […]

14 Million Award To Whistleblower

As reported by Forbes, a California jury found the manufacturer – JM Eagle – liable for defrauding government purchasers in the JM Eagle whistleblower lawsuit: evidence consisted of internal documents suggesting the company may have shipped pipe that failed to meet industry standards JM Eagle whistleblower lawsuit whistleblower never appeared […]

JM Eagle Whistleblower Lawsuit