JM Eagle Whistleblower Lawsuit

As reported by Forbes, a California jury found the manufacturer – JM Eagle – liable for defrauding government purchasers in the JM Eagle whistleblower lawsuit:

  • evidence consisted of internal documents suggesting the company may have shipped pipe that failed to meet industry standards
  • JM Eagle whistleblower lawsuit whistleblower never appeared – anonymity under the whistleblower laws, false claims act and qui tam laws
  • jury never heard evidence
    • that the JM Eagle whistleblower lawsuit whistleblower, a former employee who stands to make 15-30% of any judgment, was fired for allegedly seeking kickbacks from customer
    • or that government-commissioned tests by an independent laboratory showed that JM Eagle pipe met standards.
    • Fired employee claims he lost his job in retaliation for a memo criticizing the company’s management.
  • Several municipalities dropped out because they never purchased JM Eagle pipe.
  • Three states — Nevada, New Mexico and Virginia — and 42 cities and water districts remained active plaintiffs
  • The case boiled down to allegations of fraud and not about the defective products

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