Breast Cancer, Taxotere & Hair Loss

Breast Cancer, Taxotere & Hair Loss: Recent information has surfaced that the intravenous chemotherapy breast cancer drug – Taxotere by Sanofi – may cause permanent hair loss (alopecia).

We all hope that when your doctor prescribes a drug to help you manage or overcome a health problem, you trust that it will be safe and effective.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sometimes, prescription drugs and other remedies can have serious side effects, including – like in Taxotere’s use for breast cancer – possible permanent hair loss.  

Sometimes, the problem in connection with a prescription drugs is that the drug label does not have sufficient information on the label about these side effects (e.g., failure to warn) and, therefore, has not been passed on to the person using the prescription drug.

For one particular drug on the market, Taxotere (docetaxel), manufactured by Sanofi (French company – also is the manufacturer of some of the generic taxotere drugs and Aventis, Sanofi-Aventis), it appears that there has been some recent information that Taxotere may be associated with permanent hair loss.  The recent information relates to women:

  • that suffer from breast cancer
  • that have been treated with Taxotere (intravenously) and
  • that may have suffered an injury – permanent hair loss (baldness).  

It also appears that the label for Taxotere was updated recently – January 2016.  To view the label summary, please follow this link – Taxotere and Hair Loss

The Gooch Law Firm is ready to represent individuals that may have used Taxotere for treatment of breast cancer and have suffered permanent hair loss or permanent significant alopecia (PSA).

We are currently investigating cases involving the use of Taxotere for breast cancer and later suffered permanent hair loss or alopecia.


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If you or someone you love has breast cancer, was administered or taken Taxotere or a taxotere generic (manufactured by Sanofi) and suffered permanent hair loss in connection with the use of Taxotere, please contact our office at 1.844.329.5955.