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A personal injury/product liability lawsuit can, and usually does, take a number of years from start to finish.  When we accept a case, we commit personnel, money and other resources to try and bring it to a successful conclusion.

Because of that commitment, we conduct a thorough analysis of potential cases before we accept them. Our review to determine whether your case is viable and our decision whether to accept it may take some time for several reasons.  And, before we commit ourselves to representing someone, we try to thoroughly analyze the applicability of the information that an individual provides about their potential case.  

This process may include an investigation of the facts presented and sometimes consultations with experts in the field.   At the same time, we must continue to work on our existing cases and conduct reviews of other potential lawsuits. 

Part of our analysis of your potential case will focus on practical considerations.  Cases may be too small or too unsubstantiated (and therefore too risky) to justify the commitment of our firm’s resources.  

If our time constraints do not fit your needs, you may wish to discuss your potential case with other counsel. Other law firms may approach the investigation of a potential cases differently, such as filing a lawsuit at an earlier date with less substantiation than Gooch Law Firm requires, or may have more time and resources instantly available to investigate a potential case.  As you search for counsel, bear in mind that the statute of limitations can be as short as one year (we are not providing an opinion as to any applicable time deadlines or statute of limitations).

Please be aware that our thorough and selective approach to case analysis may present added risks that one of these events might occur before we are in a position to decide whether to represent you and file a lawsuit on your behalf.

These pages on this website or any website owned by Gooch Law Firm (e.g., benzene.lawyer,  Legal Sleuth®) should not be construed to contain legal advice and is not, nor is it intended to be, and does not constitute legal advice. While we will treat any information provided as privileged and confidential, you should understand that when you provide information about a potential case to Gooch Law Firm, we do not become your attorneys. 

By contacting us about reviewing your potential claim, you have given us your permission to use your information to investigate whether we wish to represent you to bring a case.  But until we both sign a written agreement, we do not represent you and have not agreed to do so.  By providing you these materials and by reviewing the information you send, Gooch Law Firm has not agreed to represent you nor have you agreed to retain Gooch Law Firm.

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We maintain a variety of websites, including:

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BENZENE.LAWYER is our legal website and newsletter that offers a tremendous media resource for anyone looking for information on various legal topics related to benzene, benzene exposure and the injuries related to benzene and benzene exposure (e.g., job related injuries).

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