Loan Processor Whistleblower

securities litigation, tortious interference, commercial litigation, civil litigation, contract litigation, qui tam litigation, whistleblower litigation, copyright, patent, trademark, storm damageA former loan processor whistleblower helps file a whistleblower lawsuit or qui tam lawsuit filed against a mortgage company by provides for $320 milliion dollar settlement with Department of Justice.  Supposedly, the mortgage company – Home America Mortgage (now in bankruptcy) – and alleged via the settlement:

  • knowingly engaged in a pattern of fraudulent activity and business practices
  • including falsifying and manufacturing loan documents
  • disregarding HUD regulations
  • and ignoring the absence of necessary documentation to obtain financing for FHA-insured loans
  • whistleblower or qui tam lawsuits
  • allow private citizens to sue those who have committed fraud against the government
  • the law guarantees a whistleblower a percentage of any money recovered

During 2013, the Office of the Whistleblower received whistleblower submissions from individuals in all fifty (50) states, including the District of Columbia, and the U S territories of Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U S Virgin Islands.  The top five states in connection with whistleblower submission were California, New York, Florida, Texas and Illinois.  And, the information submitted by individual whistleblowers includes the following areas:

  1. Corporate Disclosures and Financials
  2. Offering Fraud
  3. Manipulation
  4. Insider Trading and FCPA Trading Pricing
  5. Unregistered Offerings
  6. Market Event
  7. Municipal Securities and Public Pension

If you have information about a scheme that is or has defrauded investors, we can help you submit this information anonymously to the appropriate authorities without the threat of any retaliatory actions by the employer.

For more on the Federal False Claims Act (qui Tam), follow this link FFCA/QUI TAM.


At the Gooch Law Firm, we pride ourselves on providing our clients reliable representation for even the most challenging cases. If you need help with providing whistleblower information anonymously for your whistleblower lawsuit (to the Department of Justice or The Office of the Whistleblower) about potential fraud (e.g., health care fraud, defense department contract fraud, mortgage fraud, securities fraud – governmental or non-governmental, contract fraud, investor fraud etc.) and would like your case evaluated, contact our office at 1.844.329.5955.