Antiseptic May Help Stop Mesothelioma Spread

According to a recent study, there may be a possible link in post operative mesothelioma lung surgery in which an antiseptic may help stop mesothelioma spread after surgery.  It appears that pleural irrigation with povidone-iodine on different mesothelioma cell lines may help the thoracic surgery practice to prevent neoplastic cell growth.

mesothelioma, asbestos, mesothelioma cancerAs found in the European study in which an antiseptic may help stop mesothelioma spread, the antiseptic is used by surgeons to scrub their hands and to clean patients’ skin prior to surgery.

The antiseptic may have another use in the treatment of cancers like mesothelioma.  As the surgeons use it to scrub their hands it may also be used to wash the lining of the body, the pleural area – that is affected from mesothelioma cancer from asbestos exposure.

And, according to the study, the antiseptic may help stop mesothelioma spread by from its growth preventing properties.

People who develop this rare form of cancer were most likely exposed to dangerous asbestos fibers while working in various industries to support their families. It is common for the development of mesothelioma to occur 20 or sometimes even 40 years after initial exposure to asbestos.

Asbestos fibers have been used in the manufacturing of a wide variety of industrial and household products in the United States and around the world.

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